General information about contributing to the Android Open Source Project is available at :
The branch strategy for the Developer Tools projects is different from the platform one (described here). Our projects  do not have the typical platform release branches (cupcake, donut, eclair, froyo, ...), but instead use branches matching our release cycles.

Our current branches are explained here. External contributions should currently go to studio-1.4-dev.

Before contributing more than a simple bug fix, it is recommended to email the adt-dev mailing list or Google group ( to make sure that:
  • The change is likely to be accepted by the core team
  • No one else is already working on a similar changes.
Additionally, please follow these guidelines:
  • The commit message should be clear and follow these rules:
    • The first line must be a summary of the feature of fix, and must be 60 character maximum. ("Fix for bug 2134" is not a valid summary).
    • The summary line must be followed by a blank line.
    • The rest should be an explanation of how the patch works, and must be hard wrapped at 76 characters.
    • The description should give a full overview, and for instance explain how new classes interacts together, or are used by the underlying platform (very important for classes that implements Eclipse extension points).
  • If the contribution includes UI change, a screenshot of the new UI, highlighting the changes is required.

If you are looking for ideas on what to contribute, please look at the following:
  • Official Bug tracker:
  • Our wish list is a collections of things we would like to see in the tools but aren't planning on working on in the near future due to lack of resources.
  • Finally, look at our roadmap. This is what we are actively working on. Items on this list should probably be avoided, but feel free to talk to us on the mailing list if you have ideas.