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    Wish List

    (This page is really out of date.)

    If you are interested in contributing to the ADT, the following are areas where we would like help. This is by no means an exhaustive list, so if you have other ideas, please make suggestions! See the feedback page for details.

    This list is a bit obsolete - we have other wishes which I'll add here soon!
    • Icon work. We need icons for all the views in the palette, as well as for toolbar actions, all the actions in the ddms tool, etc.
    • A new property sheet page for the visual layout editor. We are using the builtin Eclipse property sheet, which is a bit barebones. It would be great to revamp this or completely replace it.
    • A new palette for the visual layout editor.
    • Refactoring integration. We need to update various XML files to react to refactoring changes in the Java code, such as for example changing the class name for custom layouts in layout xml files when the corresponding view class is renamed. We are working on the actual details. More info coming soon.
    • Traceview UI improvements.
    • draw9patch integration into Eclipse.
    • Help with more native packaging and platform specific conventions. It would be great to get a more "native" feel to some of the applications (for example, on the Mac, use the native application menu, ensure that keybindings use command instead of control, etc), as well as more native packaging like an .app structure for Mac, and so on.
    • Unit test infrastructure. We have unit tests for individual classes, but we would like more unit tests that run within Eclipse, loading Android projects, etc. If you know how to do this and can help us with pointers or test utility methods that would be highly appreciated.
    • Help us make our plugins compile on Eclipse 3.6 (and 3.7) - while continue to compile on Eclipse 3.5. This is really a special case of the above unit testing task, because the part that does not compile today has to do with our mock implementations of some interfaces that changed between Eclipse 3.5 and Eclipse 3.6. If we can replace that with a mocking library that generates the required methods on the fly then we should be able to compile on all our supported Eclipse versions.
    • TODO: MORE!
    For more ideas, you can look at the list of opened, non-assigned bugs / enhancement requests at

    To get started, see the Contributing page for more.