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Studio 0.2.12

NOTE: This build is now obsolete. For the latest download links, go to Android Studio Canary Build.

Studio 0.2.11 contained two bugs that affected a number of users:
  • The Breakpoints window does not work properly (issue 60721)
  • When using the Android Gradle plugin version 0.6.1, using JDK 7 in Studio does not work. ("Unable to find a JDK 1.6 installed", issue issue 60724)
We've created fixes for both (and have tweaked the Export APK dialog Gradle message to be more helpful).

We're investigating an issue with the update mechanism, so we don't have a patch at this time, but for users who want a workaround, you can download the full 0.2.12 IDE (without a bundled SDK) here:

IMPORTANT: DO NOT unzip these files right on top of an existing installation. Create a new directory and install it there. Unzipping into an existing installation can result in a corrupted install, because older files that are no longer in the newer version of the IDE (for example because they have an older version number in them) can be automatically loaded and conflict and interfere with the IDE.