Android Studio 2.2 Preview 4

June 23rd, 2016: For information on what's new in 2.2 Preview 4, see the release announcement. For additional information about Android Studio, see the main developer site.

All users will need to download a complete install of the IDE due to a bug in the patches. With Android Studio 2.2, you may have noticed the larger download sizes than previous versions of Android Studio; this is because we now bundle a build of OpenJDK with the IDE to address various font rendering and stability issues. Note We recommend you keep 2.1.1 and 2.2 Preview 1 installed side by side; they already use separate settings and cache directories. More information on how to install multiple versions simultaneously.

Windows: (436.8 MB)

Mac:  (436.9 MB)

Linux:  (436.4 MB)

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Updated June 23rd: Due to a bug in the patches we can only offer full downloads. If you patched and can't get studio to launch, please download a full update. You can follow the progress of this issue here.