Android Studio 0.2.13

New In This Release

Bug fixes:
  • The patch mechanism has been fixed (which prevented 0.2.12 from being sent out on the canary channel)
  • The Export APK dialog has been restored for Gradle projects (issue 60762)
    • The correct way to release an apk when using a Gradle project is to include your signing configuration inside your build scripts. This will allow you to properly sign the release versions of all the variants of your application by doing a "gradlew assembleRelease" from the command line.
    • We are working on coming up with a UI that achieves the same effect without having to edit the build.gradle files. (Issue 56532)
    • In the meantime, if you still choose to use the wizard, please make sure that you select a release version of your APK to sign and not a debug version.
  • From 0.2.12: The Breakpoints window does not work properly (issue 60721)
  • From 0.2.12: When using the Android Gradle plugin version 0.6.1, using JDK 7 in Studio does not work. ("Unable to find a JDK 1.6 installed", issue issue 60724)


On Windows and Linux, you can incrementally update your existing 0.2.11 and 0.2.12 installations by just using "Check for Updates" in your IDE, and applying the update mechanism which will patch your existing install.

Installation on Mac: One Time Upgrade

However, a bug prevents incremental update on Mac OSX from working.  Therefore, on Mac, you have to manually install 0.2.13. (The bug has been fixed, and we have cherry-picked it into 0.2.13 such that future incremental updates should work correctly.)

IMPORTANT: Note that these .zip files do not include a bundled SDK, the way the original installer bits did. Therefore, if you were using the bundled installation of the SDK, rather than your own install somewhere else on your system, you may need to copy or move your Android folder from the old installation to the new one.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT unzip these files right on top of an existing installation. Create a new directory and install it there. Unzipping into an existing installation can result in a corrupted install, because older files that are no longer in the newer version of the IDE (for example because they have an older version number in them) can be automatically loaded and conflict and interfere with the IDE.

To install Android Studio on Mac:

On other platforms, if you do not already have Android Studio installed (or if your install is too old for patching):