Filing Bugs

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If you want to improve the chances of your bug being fixed, please take a moment to read this document.

We want to fix your bugs! Our engineering resources are limited, however. There are millions of people using the Android Developer tools and only a few of us.  Please help us help you. Many bugs don't include required information.  We are focusing our limited resources on complete bug reports.

If you don't follow these steps, we will close your bug.  Please don't take it the wrong way, just read these requirements and resubmit with the additional information.

Please also note that the issue tracker is not a support forum. If you have questions about how to use the tools, or how to get your Android app to work, please visit or one of the several Android-related communities on Google+.

Bug Submission Checklist

1. Only report issues for the latest version of Android Studio, the Android Gradle plugin, or the emulator.

Make sure you are using the latest version of the tools before reporting bugs.  All of our resources are focused on fixing bugs in the latest version.  We spend a lot of time sifting through bugs in the public tracker that have already been fixed. We have enough bugs being reported against the latest version of the tools to keep us busy.  If we close your issue and point to this document, please open another issue provided you can reproduce it using the latest version of the tools.

2. Describe the exact steps to reproduce. Please be specific. If we can reproduce the issue on the first try, the odds of a fix are much better.

If possible, include a code fragment (or better yet, point to a github project which can be used to reproduce the bug).
Screenshots are also helpful to show what you are observing.

3. Describe what you expected to happen, and what you instead observed.

4. Include version information.  For Android Studio you can look up this information in the About box. Note that you don't have to try to select the text to copy it; just press Ctrl-C (or on OSX, Cmd-C) and then paste into the bug report.

5. List which version of Java you are using (for Android Studio this is included in the About box), if applicable.

6. List which operating system you are using.

7. Pick a reasonable summary for the bug. You'd be surprised how many bugs were filed with the summary "Bug" or "Issue" or "Exception" or "Not working" etc.

8. For certain kinds of bugs, we need additional information:
As noted above, clear instructions for how to reproduce the bug are vital; screenshots helps show what you are talking about, and files or projects to reproduce can greatly help simplify reproducing the problem (but you should of course not attach any proprietary source code to the bug report.)

Once you've gathered this information, you can file your bug by visiting