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Step 2: Provide Emulator Specific Information

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To file a bug for Android Studio, first follow the instructions in Filing Bugs, which provides a checklist for filing any tools-related bug.
Then, provide the following additional information that is specific for emulator bugs:

Emulator Version (Emulator--> Extended Controls--> Emulator Version): “Android SDK Tools” Rev., for example, 24.0.2
Android SDK Tools: (SDK Manager--> SDK Tools--> Tools): 24.0.2 for example
Host CPU Model:
  • On Linux:  /proc/cpuinfo
  • On Windows: right click windows start icon, choose “system”
  • On Mac: click the apple icon and choose “About This Mac”, for example, “Processor 2GHz Intel core i7”
Device name: open the $avdname.avd/config.ini, find the entry of “”, for example: “ 5”
Host Operating System:

Steps to Reproduce Bug:

Expected Behavior:

Once you've gathered this information, you can file your bug by visiting