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Step 2: Provide Android Studio Specific Information

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To file a bug for Android Studio, first follow the instructions in Filing Bugs, which provides a checklist for filing any tools-related bug.
Then, provide the following additional information that is specific for Android Studio bugs.

Once you've gathered this information, you can file your bug by visiting

The IDE Hangs
If the IDE itself appears to be very sluggish or completely frozen, please generate a couple of “thread dumps”, and attach those to the bug report. These will tell us what the IDE is so busy doing (or what contended resource it’s waiting for).  For information on how to generate a thread dump, see Generating a Thread Dump.

If the IDE is sluggish but not frozen,  please also attach the IDE log (which you can open from the Help menu). This will show us whether the reason the IDE is sluggish is that it's constantly throwing errors into the log.

Out of Memory

If the IDE is running out of memory, please generate a histogram of the heap with “
jmap -histo:live <pid>

Build Problems

If you are having problems building, also supply the information required for Gradle-related bugs.

Running/Debugging in Emulator

If you are having problems running or debugging your project in the emulator, also supply the information required for Emulator bugs.

IDE Crashes / Throws Exceptions

For other types of crashes, we need the IDE log (available from the Help menu)