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Build Downloads

Download the official stable release from the Android Developer SDK site.

Android Studio's built-in update mechanism can be set to receive updates through any one of these 3
  • Canary: Bleeding edge, released about weekly. These are early previews released in order to obtain real-world feedback during development. The canary channel will always have the latest build, including updates to beta or stable releases. We recommend running canary builds side-by-side with a beta or stable installation.
  • Beta: Release candidates based on stable canary builds, released and updated to obtain feedback prior to the stable release. The beta channel will be updated with new stable builds until a new canary build goes to beta. 
  • Stable: The official stable release, as available from the Android Developer site. 
You can download the full installations of the build offered in each of these channels: Canary, Beta, Stable.
Alternatively, you can build it yourself, following the instructions in Build Overview

To select the update channel for an Android Studio installation use the
Preferences > System Settings > Updates menu option and choose the appropriate channel on which to check for updates.

When an update is available, you'll be prompted by the IDE. 

Selecting update will display the update information dialog, which details information on the patch available, its size and its channel: