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ADT 20 Preview 3

posted Jun 1, 2012, 9:36 AM by Tor Norbye   [ updated Jun 1, 2012, 9:43 AM ]
We've just released a third preview of ADT 20, with the following new features relative to Preview 2:
  • Eclipse 4.x support: Previous releases of ADT 20 did not work well on Eclipse 4.x. As of Preview 3, the known critical issues (such as cut/copy/paste being broken in XML editors) have been fixed. Please let us know of any remaining ADT-specific issues with Eclipse 4.2.
  • Build System
    • Automatic merging of library project manifest files into the including project's manifest. Enable with the manifestmerger.enabled property.
    • Automatic ProGuard support for the aapt -G flag. This means that the build system will generate a temporary ProGuard keep-rules file containing classes to keep that are referenced from XML files (such as custom views) and pass this to ProGuard at shrink-time. This can make the resulting APK much smaller when using just a small portion of a large library project (such as the Android Support library), since we have also removed the catch-all rules to keep all custom views from the default ProGuard configuration file.
  • Execution
    • LogCat:  Allow users to set colors for different priorities
    • Allow running on multiple devices with a single launch. The target tab in the launch configuration dialog adds a new option which allows launching on all connected devices, and a drop down allows the user to further narrow down the list to just physical devices or just emulators. (This applies only to Run configurations, not to Debug/JUnit tests.)
  • Lint
    • Tighter integration of lint with the layout editor (more details).
    • New lint checks:
      • Check to make sure that Fragment classes are instantiatable. If you accidentally make a fragment innerclass non-static, or forget to have a default constructor, you can hit runtime errors when the system attempts to reinstantiate your fragment after a configuration change.
      • Look for handler leaks: This check makes sure that a handler inner class does not hold an implicit reference to its outer class.
      • Duplicate Activity registrations in the manifest. This can lead to subtle errors that can be difficult to understand.
  • NDK
    • Custom GDB configuration tab
    • Add support for debugging on MIPS targets
    • Add NDK debug launch shortcut ("Debug as Android Native Application")
    • Improve the way the device chooser dialog is handled (should be shown less often)
  • XML Editing
    • Go to Declaration now works for theme references (?android:attr, ?attr: etc,)
    • Improvements to code completion in style definitions
    • Completion of the minSdkVersion and targetSdkVersion attributes in manifest files now include version descriptions for each of the API levels
    • As of Preview 2, code completion includes custom attributes for custom views. In Preview 3, this is further fixed such that edits to the style files result in the code completion picking up recent edits.
  • Settings for the SDK Manager download cache (SDK Manager > Tools > Options)
  • More bugfixes

For download and install instructions, go to the ADT 20 Preview Page.