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Android Studio 0.2.7 Released

posted Sep 5, 2013, 11:32 AM by Tor Norbye

We've just released Android Studio 0.2.7. This release contains a number of really important fixes:

  • IDE
    • Updated the IDE base to the IntelliJ EAP build #132.27 sources (previously, we've used nightly snapshots)
  • Editing
    • .aar (Android Archive files, which are used when you for example use a Gradle dependency on the support library) are now properly handled by the editors. In earlier versions, the layout editor could render resources from .aar dependencies, but now code completion, XML resource validation etc. also properly handle these dependencies.
    • The IDE will no longer auto-import the "android.R" class, since that can easily lead to confusion between the imported R class and the application R class. Similarly, if you use the Preferences > Code Style > Java > Imports > Insert Imports for Inner Classes mode, it will now deliberately exclude R classes.
    • The API detector now properly checks methods inherited through the support library classes
    • An important bug related to file refreshing after builds was fixed; this should fix cases of the R class not being resolved and shown in red in the editor.
    • XML validation now properly handles empty parent style references (used in the appcompat library), and the layout rendering now handles HTML entities in style definitions 
    • XML code completion now works on @+id/ and theme (?attr) prefixes.
  • Gradle Integration
    • The Gradle tool window now displays all available tasks for a Gradle-based Android project. We are currently displaying all available tasks, including auto-generated ones which may not be intended for users; we will be cleaning up this lists in future updates.)
    • The gradle output parser has been revamped; it should now properly include source locations for errors in resource merging, and unrecognized output is added as information items, so you should no longer need to go to a terminal and run gradlew to get full diagnostic information; it should all be available within the IDE.
    • HTTP proxy settings in the IDE are now passed to Gradle, and gradle connection failures during import/sync point to the proxy configuration panel
    • Important fixes to library dependencies in Gradle project sync
  • The New Project template now offers the Android support library, the Android compatibility library and the Grid Layout backport library as optional dependencies; when the corresponding checkboxes are selected the right dependencies are added to the Gradle files
  • Fix misc user reported crashes
If you have any issues or questions or comments, follow up in the official Android Studio Google+ community: Android Developer Tools

If you are already running Android Studio, just restart it, or manually check for updates via Help > Check for Update... (on OSX, look in the Android Studio menu).  This will download and install a small patch rather than download a full IDE image. We are not posting full installers for each weekly update. If you do not already have Android Studio, install the latest full install from . When you run that version, it will check for updates and upgrade itself via the patch mechanism.