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Android Studio 0.4.4 Released

posted Feb 5, 2014, 3:59 PM by Tor Norbye   [ updated Feb 5, 2014, 4:56 PM ]
We've just released Android Studio 0.4.4 with the following improvements:
  • Bug fixes. A lot of them. Thank you for filing bugs at, and keep them coming! Of particular note we've fixed the bug where library dependencies were sometimes dropped (and resources and Java symbols show up in red.)
  • Merged to the latest IntelliJ 13 EAP build 133.696
  • Retina support on OSX. If you're displaying Android Studio on a retina-density screen on OSX, using JDK 6 or recent versions of JDK 7, we will render your layouts in full Retina resolution. This is not just for layouts, but for the editor margin previews of drawable resources too. It's hard to convey this on a web page without Retina density, but here's a zoomed in view of the editor preview before (with Retina density text, and non-Retina icon painting as handled in Studio versions prior to 0.4.4) :

    Here's the same editor now with Retina handling of these drawable resources:
    This makes an even bigger difference in the layout editor and with the XML layout preview feature, since the images in question are much larger. You can typically see your phone layouts in full resolution (no scaling involved.)
  • Lint
    • Lint now checks Gradle files. It will warn about
      • Obsolete dependencies (e.g. not using the latest play services, not using the latest build tools, etc)
      • Using absolute paths
      • Using Windows path separators
      • Using incompatible combinations of tools libraries (such as using a support library older than the target SDK version)
      • Using + syntax in dependencies (not enabled by default)
      • Accidentally calling DSL methods (such as attempting to set versionName by calling a local method named getName)
      • Using constructs not properly handled by the IDE support (such as reassigning a project's directory)
    • New lint check warning about using a <WebView> with size wrap_contents
    • Lint checks suggesting to use SparseLongArray and LongSparseArray
    • Lint running inside Android Studio now consults a project's lint.xml (to for example change the severity of an issue from warning to error or vice versa)
  • The layout editor now supports rendering device frames (which was only available in layout preview until this point). It also has a render settings menu (to turn off device frames) and a Refresh action.
  • Templates
    • Newly created projects are initialized with the right build.gradle setup such that you can simply put .jar and .aar files into the libs/ directory and they will automatically be used (similar to how the libs/ folder worked in Eclipse ADT.)
    • The New Notification template is back (found under New > Android Component)
  • Gradle Integration
    • The Gradle daemon is shutdown on IDE exit, which should fix the Android Studio update mechanism on Windows (starting after the next update.)
If you are already running Android Studio, just restart it, or manually check for updates via Help > Check for Update... (on OSX, look in the Android Studio menu).  This will download and install a small patch rather than download a full IDE image.
If you need to download a full install, visit the Android Studio Canary Build 0.4.4 page.

If you run into problems, be sure to check the Known Issues page which we'll update as necessary.