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Android Studio 0.5.9 Released

posted May 29, 2014, 5:18 PM by Tor Norbye
We've just released Android Studio 0.5.9 with the following improvements:
  • Updated to IntelliJ 13.1.3 RC, picking up the following builds: 135.815135.863, and 135.908.
  • Gradle
    • Support for the new 0.10.4 plugin, also released today. Studio 0.5.9 continues to work with 0.9.+, but if you are using it with 0.10.+, make sure you use at least 0.10.4.
    • Improved message console during builds. 
      • The most important change is that it now includes all output from Gradle, since prior to this, it could show an error message like "Execution failed for :app:proguardRelease: Please correct the above errors first", without actually showing the output from the proguard task. 
      • Various tweaks such as making the window searchable, sorting lines in output order rather than by severity category (though it will auto-jump to the first error), hiding the Info icon and "Information:" prefix for normal output lines, showing Gradle's deprecated and incubating feature output as warnings, etc.
    • Improved project structure editor
      • Master/Detail view: In the Project Structure dialog, instead of showing items in a giant 2-dimensional table, show a master/details view where there is a list of items on the left-hand side with + and - buttons to add and remove items; clicking on an item in the list shows details in a 2-column table on the right-hand side.
      • The Project Structure editors now includes information not just from the Gradle file being edited but the computed Gradle model as well, which lets it for example show default values, such as the greyed out (true) and (false) values shown in the screenshot above.
      • There's a new panel for editing project-global properties, such as the plugin version and repository for all modules.  It also lets you edit the Gradle wrapper version being used (which edits rather than the top level build.gradle file.)
  • Editing
    • ProGuard editor support: syntax highlighting, code completion for ProGuard flags, toggle comment action.
    • Go to declaration for a resource now sorts the results based on the parent folder qualifiers, which makes navigation to strings in apps with many translations much more predictable.
    • Many editor refactoring fixes. Renaming a styleable will now update all styleable+attr field references too (and find usages will include these). Similarly renaming a custom view will now update all the R field references.
    • Layout editor id property renaming. You can now view and edit the id property without the @+id/ prefix, and more importantly changing the id will now either just change the id of this component without updating any references, or perform a full id refactoring. (Prior to this, changing the id would change layout references in the layout, but not in the Activity class, breaking the app.)  When you change an id, and there are references to this id, the layout editor will ask you whether you also want to update usages:
  • Lint
    • New Gradle lint check which warns about octal literals. Some users have tried to specify a version code like "031252", but Groovy will use the leading 0 to interpret this as an octal number which is probably not at all what was intended.
    • New Gradle lint check (off by default) which checks all the dependencies in your Gradle files and searches MavenCentral to see if there are any more recent versions available.
  • Many bug fixes!
If you are already running Android Studio, just restart it, or manually check for updates via Help > Check for Update... (on OSX, look in the Android Studio menu).  This will download and install a small patch rather than download a full IDE image.
If you need to download a full install, visit the Android Studio Canary Build 0.5.9 page.

If you run into problems, be sure to check the Known Issues page which we'll update as necessary