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Android Studio 0.8.8 Released

posted Aug 28, 2014, 12:40 PM by Tor Norbye
We've just released Android Studio 0.8.8 to the canary channel. This is primarily a bug fix build. A couple of fixes that may be of particular interest are
  • Fixes to the font rendering in the translation editor introduced in 0.8.7 where on Windows and Linux many translations would just show up as empty rectangles like .
  • New error handling for a gradle cache bug which has affected a lot of users. The symptom is that syncing the project fails with a strange class loading error. We now recognize this scenario and offer a quickfix to work around it (which basically means discarding the Gradle cache and downloading the Gradle dependencies over again) :
If you are already running Android Studio version 0.8.x, just restart it, or manually check for updates via Help > Check for Update... (on OSX, look in the Android Studio menu).  This will download and install a small patch rather than download a full IDE image. If you are using an older version, you'll need to download a full install from the downloads page.

NOTE: 0.8.8 is currently only available in the canary channel, and Android Studio Beta will by default only look for updates in the beta channel, so if you want to update, open the preference dialog, go to the Updates category and change the channel setting.

If you run into problems, be sure to check the Known Issues page which we'll update as necessary