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Android Studio 1.1 Preview 1 Released

posted Jan 15, 2015, 5:10 PM by Tor Norbye   [ updated Jan 15, 2015, 8:53 PM ]
We've just released Android Studio 1.1 Preview 1 to the canary and dev channels.

The focus for version 1.1 is bug fixes; we are working in parallel on version 1.2 where we are migrating to the IntelliJ 14 codebase, among other feature work. 

However, in addition to the bug fixes there are some notable improvements:
  • New projects now create launcher icons as @mipmap resources instead of @drawable (see for more)
  • The various "cleanup" detectors for lint (e.g. checking that FragmentTransactions are committed, and that TypedArrays are recycled, and so on), now run incrementally within the IDE. They've also been extended to search for additional problems, such as missing close calls on database cursors, or missing release calls on SurfaceTextures:

  • There are a couple of new lint checks:
    • A lint check which tries to identify string resources that should probably be using plurals instead
    • A lint check which warns you that @android:string/yes returns OK, not Yes
    • Several other lint checks that were bytecode based and only ran from Gradle (not lint in the IDE) have been ported to run incrementally in the IDE: Uses of SimpleDateFormat which should probably use getDateInstance instead, checks that addJavaScriptInterface points to a class annotated with @JavaScriptInterface, and a check looking for leaked Handler objects.
  • There is a new template for creating watch faces for Android Wear:
The following bugs in the issue tracker were fixed:
82378: Android Studio doesn't start, unable to find valid JVM
92858: Restrict IconDensities check with splits density data
81597: Incorrect inspection about Android problem for non-Android project
80668: Lint report doesn't explain how to suppress warnings from Gradle.
80679: tools:background should not trigger an overdraw warning
92789: False positive in lint PropertyEscape
82588: Lint: Make TypographyQuotes work with plurals
82861: Library project is created with launcher icon resources
82862: The xxhdpi launcher icon differs from other densities
82351: src, layout folders are empty while creating new project
78625: AVD Default orientation
80940: Update lint to ECJ 4.4, ASM 5.0.3: NullPointerException by running lint
80872: Don't match resource names for format-parameter only strings
82634: "Palette" show twice in View > Tools Window
94499Fixing the device preview in the search and create cases
82564Making AVD Manager separate (non-modal) window.
77158Allow settings.gradle to include projects dynamically
76923can't create outgoing link from widgets that are in included layouts
81908: Check if mksdcard can be executed
82837: Update wizards to use new headers
82764AVD Manager: SD Card Radio Button Selection
82991AVD Manager: Fix Key lines of the Verify Configuration Screen
82106install, bad link to linux KVM
77889save screenshot: respect device art masks
81525Added "Download JDK 7" quick-fix.
82813: uncommitted fragment transactions not highlighted by lint
81396: @DrawableRes doesn't match R.mipmap drawables
79629: Translations Editor does not show newly added locale
82768Making the AVD ID field look non-editable
93158: Properly handle parent class lookup in the API check for this-expressions
78382: Lint uses incorrect API level while analyzing Java Library modules
91988: FlagManager asserts on region code es-419
74568ADV Manager has start button but no stop button!
80494: Move Clear All and Scroll to End actions
82203Installer now waits for uninstaller
82126studio.exe can again run on Win64
83198: NPE when missing dependency during import
82770Updating api distributions and distribution dialog text
82812Updating title of AVD Manager window
78668Adding hardware buttons for nexus one and nexus s
82184 file paths (in are no longer treated as relative if they belong to a different platform.
82837: Use black icons only
81166device chooser: Prefer to use a device rather than the emulator
82852After switching device types, the system image list broke
82753: Use $ as separator inner classes in fragment names
77635Fix scaling of device diagram.
82503Adding defaults for new avd creation wizard
81739Fixing avd duplication
79105Fixing button styles in avd manager
81768: Compute default parameter values quickly
81662Fixing skin chooser on windows
82282: Do not require approval of all licenses
81342Improve JDK detection algorithm
77953NPE on configuring library documentation
82159Closing exported device files.
81713Try to detect jdk location automatically on entering the step
81346Visual feedback for 'Detect JDK' button processing
81620: Do not download samples
79778apk installation: do not throw error for unexpected dumpsys output
81499device chooser: special case Google APIs target
+ Misc other fixes for crashes reported via the crash reporter
+ Bug fixes not tagged with a bug number in the commit message.
This does not include the work and fixes to the build system for Gradle plugin 1.1, still in progress. Note that Android Studio 1.1 works fine with version 1.0 of the Android Gradle plugin.

You can manually check for updates via Help > Check for Update... (on OSX, look in the Android Studio menu). This will download and install a small patch rather than download a full IDE image. If you are using an older version, you'll need to download a full install from the downloads page.

NOTE: 1.1preview1 is currently only available in the canary and dev channels, and Android Studio will by default look in the Beta or Stable channels, so if you want to update, open the preference dialog, go to the Updates category and change the channel setting.

If you run into problems, be sure to check the Known Issues page which we'll update as necessary