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Android Studio 2.2 RC 2 is now available

posted Sep 8, 2016, 6:17 PM by Chris Iremonger   [ updated Sep 9, 2016, 7:32 AM by Tor Norbye ]
We've just released Android Studio 2.2 RC 2 to the canary channel. If all looks good we'll promote it to the beta channel in a couple of days. 

For those users who are trying Android Studio 2.2 for the first time. We recommend reviewing our blog post to get an overview of all of the changes in 2.2.

This build contains a handful of bug fixes on top of RC 1. At this point we're very close to releasing 2.2 stable, so we'd really appreciate everyone taking this build for a spin and letting us know if anything major is broken.
Fixed Issues
  • Layout EditorThere is a resolved bug in the layout editor's property sheet with editing style appearance properties (it will strip the @style prefix).
  • Patching: You should now be able to patch from stable versions back to 2.0.
  • Building: We fixed a bug in the incremental packaging step which occasionally would trip the malware scanner
  • Many more fixes.
Thanks to everyone for their bug and crash reports, and keep them coming!