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Code Completion for Drawables, Colors and Animation Files

posted May 26, 2011, 8:59 AM by Tor Norbye
We've had code completion in layout files, manifest files, menu files etc for a while.

However, a few key file types were missing:
  • Drawables
  • Animations (both the old style and the new Honeycomb animator files)
  • Colors
This is now fixed - as shown in the following screenshots. Note however that because these filetypes were previously bound to the plain XML editor, your own projects may continue to use the plain XML editor when you open these files. We plan to address that in the next release, but for now, if you run into this you can right click on the file in the package explorer and use the Open With menu item to pick the correct editor type:
In any case, here's a drawable file where we get completion on the various available root elements:
Here's completion on attributes for the state_enabled property in an <item> element in a <selector>:
Here's code completion in the new animator files showing the available attributes on an <objectAnimator>:
And here's code completion of resource values on the interpolator property - notice how we sort the available interpolators up to the top: