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ConstraintLayout beta 1 is now available

posted Oct 20, 2016, 11:00 AM by Nicolas Roard
We just published ConstraintLayout beta 1 -- our first release candidate for the upcoming 1.0 stable release.
As always, it's available in the SDK Manager (under the "Support Repository" section).

Note: As for alpha 8 and 9, if you are using Android Studio 2.2 and it is your first installation of ConstraintLayout, you might have to restart studio (or invalidate caches) after installing beta 1 (the editor behavior may not be correct, with widgets temporarily snapping to the top left corner).

We fixed several issues in this build:
  • chains priority was sometimes inadequate, resulting in counterintuitive results in a few cases
  • wrap_content wasn't working in a layout only containing chains
  • wrap_content with match_constraint had corner cases resulting in incorrect final bounds
Few small features were added as we are heading toward a stable release in the next few weeks:
  • support android:minWidth and android:minHeight on ConstraintLayout itself (applicable when wrap_content is used)
  • added a copy constructor on ConstraintLayout.LayoutParams
  • an extra chain style was added, with an API change (layout_constraintHorizontal_chainStyle and layout_constraintVertical_chainStyle), deprecating layout_constraintHorizontal_chainPacked and layout_constraintVertical_chainPacked)

Important: The layout editor in AndroidStudio 2.2 does not support the new Chains feature, so will not have affordances to help you interact with chains. The preview visualization ("design mode") in the layout editor will show you the correct positioning if you use chains, but the blueprint mode will not, showing incorrect bounds for the widgets. We are planning to update the editor in our next Android Studio preview release, to support Chains adequately.

Please give us feedback on this release, as this is the first release candidate :)