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Eclipse ADT 22.6 Preview

posted Feb 10, 2014, 2:04 PM by Tor Norbye
We've just released a preview of the next version of the Eclipse ADT plugin. To install it, you have to enable the preview channel for Eclipse as described here:

Improvements in this version of the ADT plugin include:
  • Support for language features like multi-catch, try-with-resources, diamond operator, etc:

    (Note that using these features requires building with the Android KitKat build tools, 19 or later. Note also that try-with-resources will require a minSdkVersion of KitKat/19; the other language features should work back to Froyo/8.)

    After installing the preview, make sure you are running Eclipse on JDK 7, and then convert your JDK setting for the project to 1.7. One simple way to do that is to just use one of the new language features, such as the diamond operator, and Eclipse will offer to convert the language level setting for you:
  • A lot of new lint checks. 
  • The New Project templates now include appcompat
  • Updated to the latest Android tools libraries, shared with Android Studio, which for example picks up the rendering sandbox (such that custom views are prevented from performing file I/O), improvements to converting resource XML string declarations to layout strings, etc.
  • Some improvements to the Gradle export wizard (though the new importer in Studio is the preferred way to migrate projects to Gradle)
  • Fixed bugs, in particular a deadlock during startup that a number of users have reported
Please let us know if you discover any bugs in this preview! File them using the following URL: