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Emulator 2.0 Preview Release Notes

posted Mar 11, 2016, 9:29 PM by Vince Harron


  • Change multitouch from Alt to Ctrl (Cmd on OSX) (

  • Improve GLES performance

  • Rename "Grab screen focus with mouse" to "Send keyboard shortcuts to"

  • Clarify keyboard shortcut settings (

  • Fix segfault on startup when GPU info badly parses (

  • [Windows/OSX] confirm installed HAXM is 6.0+ (

  • Ensure that the extended window is fully visible (

  • [OSX] Change the menu bar and minimized name (

  • Fixed a crash on exit (

  • (SDK Tools) Add ProGuard rules for the @Keep support annotation


  • Crash fixes

  • Further reduce flicker on zoom (

  • Remove the "virtual sensors" keyboard shortcut

  • Fix an out-of-bounds access in SizeTweaker

  • Fix renderbuffer object support in GLES 2

  • Customizing shortcuts by editing keyset.default is no longer supported


  • Support unicode file paths on Windows

  • Update the multitouch UI with a 2-finger swipe

  • Respect "initial orientation" AVD setting

  • Enforce a minimum size for the emulator (

  • Remove a spurious pop-up during crash reporting

  • A few aesthetic changes

  • Enforce a minimum size for the emulator (

  • Let user switch to software GPU when OpenGL driver crashes (

  • Ensure exiting zoom mode works properly (

  • Fix null pointer access when checking gpu mode (

  • Avoid rotation-related resize edge case

  • Fix handling of "-prop xxx=yyy" on the command line (

  • Send more than 1 digit of altitude with the GPS location

  • Update the keyboard map to include more non-ASCII characters (

  • Update the lat/lon values before sending the location

  • Make D-Pad look good on high-density screens

  • Detect and force software on blacklisted GPU drivers (

  • If your host OpenGL driver doesn't support RGB888, use RGB8888 instead

  • Use 24-bit depth buffer on checking WGL extensions

  • Prevent the emulator from entering OSX split screen

  • Change maximum window size restrictions (

  • Fix some keyboard shortcut issues

  • Apple camera synchronized access (

  • Make emulator usable on high-DPI Windows displays

  • Update the "Documentation" link (

  • Suggest gfx driver updates more liberally

  • Crash fix (

  • Show error message and exit when not enough memory