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Emulator 25.1.6 Release Notes

posted May 12, 2016, 6:32 PM by Vince Harron

25.1.6 2852928

  • Enable multitouch in new system images for API 19/21

  • API19+ improve pull performance by 6x

  • The emulator console now requires the first command to be "auth <auth_token>".  <auth_token> must match the contents of ~/.emulator_console_auth_token.  If that file does not exist, one is created with a random auth token.   Authentication requirement can be disabled by creating an empty ~/.emulator_console_auth_token file

  • [crash] Fix bad format string in partition_config

  • Fix wrong parameter in partition config (

  • [ui] Correct GPS string that is sent to device

25.1.4 2820220

  • Fixed a bug that could corrupt OpenGL data flowing from the guest to the host

  • Fixed rotation bug for certain locales (

  • [GPS] Fix altitude formatting