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Miscellaneous Improvements

posted Mar 18, 2011, 9:47 AM by Tor Norbye
We've made a few usability improvements recently.

First, the "Render Target" and "Locale" dropdowns (which let you choose which Android version to render the screen with and which language to use respectively) are no longer per-layout. Instead, the locale is now "project wide", so changing it in one layout and switching to another layout will show the newly chosen language in the new layout as well. We think this is going to make checking your layouts for a particular rendering target or language more intuitive. Before this, if you had a preferred language, you would have to go and select it for each new layout you opened.

Another tweak we've made is to automatically perform a "Fit To Size" zooming operation when you open layouts that are too large to fit on the screen. This is more common now with the xlarge screen for tablets. The auto zoom is also performed when you toggle orientation between Landscape and Portrait.

There is now a new "Select" submenu in the context menu which lets you rapidly select classes of views - such as all views of the same type, or siblings, or the parent. Note that you can also select the parent of the currently selected view by pressing Escape.