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Miscellaneous Improvements

posted May 25, 2011, 10:25 AM by Tor Norbye   [ updated May 26, 2011, 9:33 AM ]
It's been a month and a half since the last post, but fear not -- that does not mean we have stopped working on the tools! We've just been swamped with finishing ADT 11 and the Google I/O conference.

Anyway, here's a rundown of various smaller fixes and features we've added. I'll post separate blog entries on some of the larger features shortly.
  • The Extract Include refactoring now searches in all other layouts for similar fragments that it can also replace with an include tag.
  • The binary XML editor is back. Thanks to Haris Peco!
  • The New Android Project wizard now automatically suggests Application and Activity names based on the currently edited project name, and selecting a target SDK in the SDK chooser will fill out the Minimum SDK text field.
  • Textfields have basic focus support. The first text field dropped in a layout is assigned focus, and you can right click on text fields to request focus (which will also clear focus from the previous focus holder) - and you can right click on a focus holder and clear the focus.

  • We've improved the theme support a bit. First, we try to pick the right theme to use for a layout, by looking at manifest file metadata such as default themes and per-activity themes, as well as SDK versions (to use Holo for Honeycomb projects and so on). Second, we list the default theme and the manifest registered themes at the top of the theme chooser, and we've also moved the project-specific themes up above the framework themes. Finally, we have improved diagnostics for theme errors. Some layouts are designed to work only with a particular theme, and if the layout is loaded with a different theme, you can get very confusing error messages. We've improved the error messages, and we also start the render error log with a message which hopefully makes it easier to figure out what the root problem is and how to fix it:
  • The code to pick a default configuration when you open a new layout now takes the current layout into account.
  • TableLayouts now have "Insert Row" and "Delete Row" in the layout actions bar.
  • The support for custom views is improved. You can now drag into custom layouts in the outline, handle <view> tags better, and allow double clicks in the custom view palette to warp to the corresponding source.
  • Roman Nurik has contributed new launcher icons for all the Android tools!
In addition, there are many bug fixes. (By the way, somebody pointed out after our Google I/O session that the Extract String refactoring does not escape strings that contain quotes. Thank you whoever you were -- and that bug is now fixed!)