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Miscellaneous Recent Fixes

posted Sep 13, 2011, 5:34 PM by Tor Norbye
Herculano Campus has contributed a bunch of new icons to ADT which we will integrate shortly, and Michael Zoech has fixed several issues with the way Strings are escaped in the "Extract String" refactoring. Thanks to both Herculano and Michael and welcome as ADT contributors!

We introduced the ability to automatically format the XML files edited by the layout editor several releases ago, but it was off by default. Now that we have a brand new formatter which does a better job, we've turned on this option by default - and the various visual refactorings will also auto-format their results.

Similarly, in ADT 12 we introduced the option to turn off the post-compiler. In recent builds, this option is now on by default. (There are many other build-speed related improvements in the next version of ADT as well which will be discussed in a separate blog entry).

Go To Declaration now works instantly for inline id resource! For value-based resources (such as @string), go to declaration has always been able to instantly list all declaration locations in the source as soon as you hover over the reference. For inline id declarations (@+id) however, you would have to click and it would do a lazy search through the various layout files to find the declaration site. Now, as part of incremental build handling, we track id declarations, so we can offer these instantly in Go To Declaration as well!