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New Eclipse Lint UI

posted Mar 14, 2012, 3:12 PM by Tor Norbye
The Lint UI was overhauled in ADT 17.

First, there's a dropdown toolbar action which lets you run lint on the selected project, or on all projects, and clear markers:
Second, the lint window itself is no longer a long list; it's a hierarchical table, where each top level item represents a unique issue type. This makes it easy to scan through your project to see what kinds of issues lint found, without having to scroll through 200 unused resource warnings for example:
By default all the issue types are collapsed; here I've manually expanded the last issue type. You can quickly expand or collapse all items using the + or - buttons in the lint window's toolbar:
The other options in this toolbar include 
  • Refresh, which re-runs the current analysis on the same projects
  • Fix, which automatically fixes the issue (this applies to issues where a quickfix is available)
  • Suppress this issue with an attribute or annotation
  • Ignore in this file (saves suppress information in lint.xml)
  • Ignore in this project (ditto)
  • Always ignore
  • Delete this lint marker
  • Delete all lint markers
  • Expand, Collapse
  • Configure Columns
  • Edit Options
Configure Columns lets you edit which columns are visible. There are several new columns you can display, such as Category, Priority, etc, and you can click on column headers to sort the display by the given column. There's also a new "Location" column, shown by default, which incorporates several different pieces of information: the file name, the line number, the parent folder name (useful when looking at translation or configuration issues), and the project name:
The Edit Options actions brings up the Lint Preference dialog, which has also been improved.  You can now search through the options by filter:
such as
The options also let you enable all, disable all and restore to default which lets you quickly check just a single issue for example.

Finally, there are many new quickfixes for various issues, such as UseCompoundDrawable.