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New Palette

posted Feb 1, 2011, 9:17 PM by Tor Norbye
The palette in the layout editor has been completely rewritten. In the following screenshot, you can see the new palette on the left:

Some things to notice:
  • The palette now contains categories
  • The palette is an "accordion control" - it will always ensure that all category headers are visible, and you can click on a header to open that category. This will close the previously open category.
  • The widgets are shown as previews (rendered as they will appear using the current theme and screen density)
  • Note also that we now have logical icons for all the widgets, so the outline view on the right looks cleaner
You don't have to view the palette items as scaled down previews - the context menu offers several different palette modes:

The first screenshot showed the "tiny previews" mode. You can have views rendered at their full size:

Note also that the palette previews are theme sensitive, so if you switch from Theme.Light to Theme.Black, the palette will change to look like this:

You can also choose for the common "icon + label" mode:

Or, if you are an expert user or need more space for your layout rather than the palette, you can choose the icons-only mode:

As you can see, in the icons-only mode, the accordion control switches to an Expand All mode. You can even turn off Categories for a really compact view (and tooltips will tell you the name of the widgets corresponding to each icon):