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Updated logcat viewer

posted Sep 26, 2011, 10:41 AM by Siva Velusamy
The upcoming ADT 14 release features a revamped logcat viewer in DDMS and ADT.

The primary goal of this revamp was to fix a number of outstanding bugs regarding the logcat viewer, but we've also taken the opportunity to add a bunch of new features. The new features include:

1. The viewer automatically maps the application's pid to the application's name and displays that. Apart from not having to manually do the mapping yourself, this brings an added benefit: you can now filter by the application name as opposed to the PID. This helps in cases where you might be restarting your application a number of times, resulting in different PID's during each run.

2. The filters now support Java style regexes.

3. The search bar at the top of the logcat view can be used to quickly search for messages matching a pattern. By default, the search is performed in the Text field of the log message. You can specify a different field to search by prefixing your search term with “pid:”, “app:”, or “tag:”. e.g: pid:225

4. One common issue we see is that developers new to Android do not know about logcat, and hence might spend a lot of time debugging issues when a relevant error message might have appeared in logcat. To help such users, ADT now automatically monitors the logcat stream when you run an application from Eclipse, and if there are any error messages that originate from your application, it will bring the logcat viewer to the foreground.

This update should fix a number of bugs including:
Issue 18272 - Logcat tab in Eclipse will not “tail” the end of the buffer
Issue 18205 - ADB logcat (ADT) does not offer wrapping for the log output. The logcat view still does not offer full wrapping, but we’ve added a tooltip that should show the complete log whenever you hover over the corresponding line.
Issue 2752 - Eclipse plugin logcat window blinks a few lines of text at a time.

If you find any issues, please file bug reports at the Issue Tracker.