Release Status

This page is out of date and should not be used for accurate information. We will work to update it or remove it in the future.

This page is about release information for the SDK Tools. Android platform releases are on a different schedule and are not handled on this site.

More information about our branches here.

Current SDK Tools, Studio, ADT

Public version:

  • Released 2015-10
  • SDK Tools revision 24.4.1
  • Studio 1.4
  • Gradle 1.3.0
  • ADT 23.0.3
  • Known issues.
Stabilization Branch:
  • studio-1.3-dev
  • Closed for external contributions.
Development Branch:
  • android-master-dev
Android NDK:
Public version:
  • NDK revision 10e
Stabilization Branch:
  • None at the moment.
Development Branch:
  • master branch on ndk.git, open for commit / contribution.
  • More details TBA.