Release Status

This page is about release information for the SDK Tools. Android platform releases are on a different schedule and are not handled on this site.

More information about our branches here.

Current SDK Tools, Studio, ADT

Public version:

  • Released 2015-04
  • SDK Tools revision 24.2
  • Studio 1.2.0
  • Gradle 1.2.3
  • ADT 23.0.3
  • Known issues.
Stabilization Branch:
  • studio-1.3-dev
  • Closed for external contributions.
Development Branch:
  • android-master-dev
Android NDK:
Public version:
  • NDK revision 10b
Stabilization Branch:
  • None at the moment.
Development Branch:
  • master┬ábranch on ndk.git, open for commit / contribution.
  • More details TBA.